Wildflower Seed Harvesting

The Weald Native Origin Seed (WNOS) harvesting process in the meadows

We believe in protecting the ancient resource and as such there is a choice of two machines available for wild seed harvesting; 1/ the small flower combine, 2/ the brush harvester, or finally for special, or small quantities of seed there is option 3/ hand collection of seeds. We can also support and assist with whole-crop or green seed transference.

Dawn Brickwood surveys and records data from all harvest sites and has done so for 22 years! Dawn has a background in Agriculture before side stepping into conservation in 1994 and taking up the post as WMI officer back in 1998.
This unique background, coupled with agents Agrifactors experience and specialism gives us the confidence and experience to offer the most suitable species for use in the Weald and indeed other parts of the UK.

Please note all WNOS (grass and wildflower seeds) that we supply are wild harvested from Weald ancient meadows. This not only provides an income for ancient meadows – supporting the resource, it ensures all seed are of local provenance and native UK stock.
WNOS is mixed based on your requirements, packed, mixed and distributed locally by Agrifactors upon ordering. You can be confident that you are buying native and local provenance grass and wildflower seed to produce Native (and local provenance) wildflower meadows.

We welcome enquires or people seeking advice for creation, enhancement or seed.

Please contact us by phone on 07863 081281 or by e-mail on meadows@highwealdlandscapetrust.org

Look forward to talking to you,

Dawn Brickwood,
Weald Meadows Partnership & Services