Whether you have a large farm Stewardship or one or two meadows, to maximise the potential of your holding you must know the current status of your grass, plant species, the soil nutrients and pH.

In addition to our online advice (soon to be updated), Dawn Brickwood a meadow specialist will survey your land, establish what grass and wildflower species are present, review your soil samples and offer advice about grants to help you maintain and/or diversify your land. We can also offer practical alternatives to artificial fertilisers or pesticides to help your grassland thrive without harming wildlife.

For a reasonable fee, you will receive practical on-site management advice and support to enhance and create a grassland using our own sustainably wild harvested Weald Native Origin Seed (WNOS)

One of the founding partnerships who operate sustainable wild seed harvesting and seed transference. We have a range of machinery for harvesting suitable (species rich) donor meadows along with experienced expertise!

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