High Weald Hero School Award

The High Weald Hero School of the Year is an annual award that was created by The High Weald Landscape Trust to recognise and celebrate the fantastic work that is going on in schools throughout the High Weald in protecting and caring for this nationally important landscape.

The award consists of a £1000 prize and a trophy made from Wealden oak by a local craftsman. The trophy takes the form of a pig because of the important role it played in creating the special features of The High Weald Landscape and will be presented each year to the winning school.

All schools within the High Weald Hero partnership have a plaque which reads – “Be a High Weald Hero – You can make a difference” and the judges from The High Weald Landscape Trust were looking to find out which ones had best met this challenge.

To win the award achools have to demonstrate to the judges how they had made a difference by carrying out some or all of the 5 High Weald Hero Actions

  • Exploring
  • Taking Care of
  • Finding out about
  • Being proud of
  • Enjoying

The High Weald AONB Unit offer a free, landscape-focused support package of introductory assesmblies, staff training, educational materials, themed workshops, interactive plays and outdoor learning and networking opportunities.

Contact the High Weald Education Officer:

Janice Cooper on 01580 879965 or email j.cooper@highweald.org

Past Awards

In July 2007 Netherfield Church of England Primary School became the first winners of this award for their efforts in getting rubbish cleared away from a local wood. The prize was presented to them by Kaddy Lee-Preston. See High Weald Heroes 2007

The success of a High Weald Open Morning was one of the reasons that Staplecross Primary School was awarded the High Weald Hero School of the Year Award 2008 by the High Weald Landscape Trust. See High Weald Heroes 2008