The HWLT is very proud to work with a diverse range of partners, which are helping to secure the future of our meadows.

The founding partnership of the WMI (now Weald Meadows Partnership – WMP) includes: Meadows OwnersAgrifactors, The High Weald Partnership & JAC, & FWAG Advice (formerly FWAG)

Now WMP (& Services) works with the above and the newly re-formed Weald Meadows Network which includes a range of diverse partners.

Weald Meadows Partnership supports management and events focused on holdings such as: The Beech Estate  Kingsmead, Kew Wakehurst Place and High Beeches in West Sussex.

The work of Weald Meadows Partnership includes liaison and exchange of information with: HWLT, Meadow Owners, Plantlife, Flora locale, University of Reading – Centre for Agri- Environmental Research, Sussex University, Natural England, Sussex, Surrey & Kent Wildlife Trusts & Biological Record Centres, the Environment Agency and the Highways Agency.