New Jewel in the Meadow Crown?

Featuring Coach Road East Sussex’s Coronation Meadow & Triangle Field – our meadow making story is well now underway and the precious seed has finally reached the receptor site.

Triangle Field named simply to reflect its shape, was taken out of intensive dairy farming 17 years ago. It has taken many years for the field’s fertility to drop to a level where restoration work can take place.

Triangle_Field_HayBalesA survey was carried out as a baseline followed by site preparation – commenced with hay making on the weed free well matched local (receptor) site.

Triangle_PHarrowingThen we harrowed Triangle Field – to give all the new wildflower seeds a place to germinate.

Coach Road during July and August, the Weald Meadows Partnership (WMP) previously surveyed and then co-ordinated the harvesting of ‘green seed’. Using the small flower combine we carried out multiple collections to provide the most representative sample and range of wildflower species.

WMP_SmallFlCombineWMP partners Agrifactors spread harvested seed on sheets to allow insects to escape and keep the seed dry…

WMP_OnsiteWNOS_DryingThen seed was quickly transported and loaded into Agrifactors spreader for even distribution of precious seed across prepared Triangle Field.

Weald_Seed_SandSpreaderLivestock will be put back into the field as soon as the grass and wildflowers begin to grow and then everything is now down to nature, we can only stand back and watch.

Management is essential over winter to allow the light to reach our new seedlings by keeping the grass short and reducing competitive for the emerging meadow flowers.

Fingers crossed it will show the first signs of a new Jewel in the meadow crown. For more updates and the ongoing blog Coronation Meadows

Adapted from text supplied by Keith Datchler OBE

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