About the High Weald Landscape Trust

The High Weald Landscape Trust was set up in 2004 to address conservation issues across the whole of the High Weald by the funding of practical land management projects, education to create awareness of the need to conserve the unique and historic landscape of the High Weald, and information in support of conservation land management. It is a registered charity. We aim to promote, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the High Weald landscape, promoting biological diversity and raising awareness among the public of the area’s special character and requirements for conservation and enhancement.

The High Weald

The High Weald covers 563 square miles, and stretches from Horsham in the west to Tenterden and in the east, from Tunbridge Wells in the north to the coast at Pett Level in the south.

Our Strategy

We have developed our strategy in line with objectives laid out in the High Weald AONB Management Plan, published in 2004, and have close ties with and support from the AONB Unit, which operates with the support of all the local county and district councils, and national conservation bodies.

As a charitable trust, we aim to secure both private and public funding in support of projects. We support educational projects for schools to build awareness and understanding of the characteristics of the local landscape, and conservation issues. We develop training courses for landowners and contractors, and have an educational grant scheme to support individuals in obtaining practical conservation skills.

Practical conservation land management information designed for the growing numbers of amenity landowners is being developed, and our aim is to make this as widely and easily available as possible.


A major success has been the securing of funding from the Tubney Charitable Trust and recently the Nineveh Charitable Trust in support of the Weald Meadows Initiative, which provides a land management advisory service to owners of meadows, primarily in the Dallington Ridge area, between Crowborough and Hastings. The project helps to safeguard many existing species rich meadows, and to enhance many more using wildflower seed collected locally.

We welcome submissions from other organisations to assist in funding of further major projects.

The HWLT Grants Scheme

We have developed a small Grants Scheme to support conservation. This is open to organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals who wish to develop practical projects that conserve, protect and improve the landscape of the High Weald. Grants may cover or contribute toward the cost of practical work, capital investment, such as fencing, tools or machinery, or professional support. We welcome applications to the scheme.

Eligible Projects

Many different kinds of projects are eligible. Grants can cover the costs of some or all of the following:

  • Practical work
  • Feasibility studies or research projects
  • Raising awareness and training about conservation
  • Equipment


How you Can Help?

Whilst major funding can be sought from other conservation charities, the public can also help with donations and associated grant aid contributions which allow us to expand our activities.

If you would like to support us by making a donation, this can be done directly via our Donations page.