High Weald Landscape Trust Grants Scheme

General Information

The High Weald Landscape Trust Grant Scheme has been created to support conservation and land management projects in the High Weald, and is open to organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals who wish to develop practical projects that conserve, protect and improve the landscape of the High Weald.

Grants may cover or contribute toward the cost of practical work, capital investment, such as fencing, tools or machinery, or professional support.

Projects must prove that they have the support and involvement of community and/or environmental interests within the High Weald area and applications from individuals or businesses must show a clear benefit to the wider community that is more than any private gain.

You don’t have to live or work within the High Weald to apply but you must demonstrate that your project will have a positive impact upon the High Weald and surrounding area and satisfy the core criteria of the grant.

What should projects deliver?

Projects must meet one or more of the HWLT Grant Scheme objectives which are based on those of the AONB Management Plan. The HWLT Grant Scheme checklist sets out objectives and asks you to explain how your project helps achieve these.

What kind of project is eligible?

Many different kinds of projects are eligible. Grants can cover the costs of some or all of the following:

  • Practical work
  • Feasibility studies or research projects
  • Raising awareness and training about conservation
  • Capital items

Successful projects will:

  • Help conserve and enhance the landscape, wildlife and cultural heritage of the High Weald
  • Have the support or involvement of local people or groups or provide some benefit to the environment and community.

How much grant aid is available?

  • Grants will normally be in the range of £500 – £10,000. Our aim is to support small projects, if you have a project costing over £5,000 please submit a detailed plan. In exceptional circumstances a greater award may be made.
  • The scheme can provide up to 75% funding for not-for-profit projects, although in exceptional cases 100% may be provided.
  • Up to 50% grants are available for business or commercial operations, although in exceptional cases 75% may be provided.
  • For match funding purposes, in-kind contributions, such as volunteer time or loan of equipment can be included. This will usually be calculated at £50/day (£6.25/hr) for general volunteers and £100/day (£12.50/hr) for specialist, technical or professional volunteers.
  • In all cases an agreement setting out what is required must be signed prior to receipt of a grant. You will need to keep records showing how you are meeting HWLT Grant Scheme objectives.

For government organisations the level of grant plus match-funding from a government organisation should not exceed 50%. For projects with other not-for-profit non-governmental organisations or charities the level of grant should not exceed 75%. For voluntary bodies and in exceptional circumstances, up to 100% can be made available.

How to apply

An application form and checklist can be downloaded from the Application Pack. Alternatively, you can write to the High Weald Landscape Trust, 18 Forest Park, Maresfield, Sussex TN22 2NA

. Further information about the objectives behind the grant scheme checklist can be found in the AONB Management Plan.

Who assesses your application?

All applications will be assessed by trustees of the High Weald Landscape Trust who will use the HWLT Grant Scheme checklist to determine the suitability of the project.