Has Your Mower Broken….thanks to WNOS!

Hello All

In response to an excellent wildflower creation blog written by Steve Alton, Conservation Officer at Ashdown Forest, I thought a quick news item was in order. The blog and U tube clip of a busy Steve in Outcast Broadcast illustrates the preparation required to achieve the correct recipient conditions necessary for successful wildflower grassland creation.

The season is coming into its peak, with all of our ancient Wealden meadows (and some of their younger counterparts) looking great. The former will soon be ready for a year of Weald Meadows Partnership (WMP) wild seed harvesting. Like Steve we hope that you will use locally sourced Weald Native Origin Seed (WNOS). This seed supports ancient Wealden meadows and their owners and is the best source of plant material for local projects. By arrangement, we can also harvest wholecrop material & Green seed and supply direct onto prepared receptor sites in the summer. For autumn sowing projects WNOS – with or without Yellow Rattle and a range of  single species provide the perfect option. Book your seed for this autumn now, to avoid disappointment.

Finally, With Weald Meadows Partnership support and involvement in 2012, Coronation Meadows were designated locally here in East Sussex and West, as well as countrywide.

WMP have coordinated four Coronation Meadows restorations to date, with a fifth (Green Park) coming on line this year. Sadly the Biffa Award Funding via the Coronation Meadows Project comes to an end this year. Dr Trevor Dines blogs on the Coronation Meadows website with  A Buzz in the Meadow – providing a useful summary of the outcomes achieved and the projects ongoing aspirations.


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