20 years in the making

Weald Meadows Partnership is in its 20th year!

The partnership commenced its pilot seed harvesting programme, way back in summer of 1996. Since this time Agrifactors have returned around £60,000 to ancient Wealden landowners and managers, who have made their meadows available for wild seed harvesting. A big thank you to all our owners and managers who work with us each year.

From the outset our central partners, Agrifactors Southern Ltd, helped develop the machinery and refine our wild harvesting processes to produce our special Weald Native Origin Seed – WNOS. In addition to seed we can provide whole crop and green seed with prior arrangement.

In celebration of the 20th season of wild seed harvesting, proprietor Chris Davis took a video (ohh err !) of the combine in action in the Weald last week. Have a look at the video on Agrifactors Facebook or Twitter pages.

For more information, or to reserve WNOS please contact –  meadows@highwealdlandscapetrust.org or 07863 081281


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