High Weald Heroes 2007

Netherfield Church of England Primary School

The judges are delighted to announce that Netherfield Church of England Primary School is the very first winner of the award. What made Netherfield stand out from the other entries was the positive action they had taken to clear fly tipping from their local woodland. The prize was presented on the 23rd of July by Kaddy Lee-Preston, the well known BBC weather reporter who was pleased to find out that the school plan to spend their prize on a weather station for the school.

Whilst going on a walk to explore and find out more about the landscape surrounding their school, they were shocked to see the amount of rubbish that had been dumped.

They decided to do something about it and successfully petitioned the local landowners and council to get the majority of it cleared

At the judging the children impressed the judges with their enthusiasm and commitment to making a difference to the quality of their local landscape and environment. The children performed a short play about the consequences of dropping litter in woods, recited a poem and pledged their commitment to keep on ?Making a Difference?.