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New Jewel in the Meadow Crown?

Featuring Coach Road East Sussex’s Coronation Meadow & Triangle Field – our meadow making story is well now underway and the precious seed has finally reached the receptor site. Triangle Field named simply to reflect its shape, was taken out of intensive dairy farming 17 years ago. It has taken many years for the field’sContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Coronation Meadows

A Weald Wildflower Meadow ‘Coach Road’ in Battle has become one of the first Coronation Meadows in the Country.Continue Reading

WMNN Events Summary 2012

In total 278 members of the public and landowners attended 10 open WMNN events. In addition, a number of closed or special events were organised and run by dedicated Trustee, Keith Datchler OBE; increased the total number of individuals reached during 2012 to 350. Beech Estates Meadow Walks – 3 x Ancient Landscape of AshburnhamContinue Reading

Wildlife set to benefit from Olympics 2012 legacy

Following the successful Wildflower turf laying at Kingsmead Meadow, Calbex Hill, Battle: on the 11October 2012 – please see the Beautiful Battle report.Continue Reading

Weald Meadows Initiative Goes National!

In April 2012 the very successful and well supported Weald Meadows Initiative will become part of The Grasslands Trust – Weald Meadows Nectar Networks project. The Grasslands Trust is a national organisation dedicated to saving and restoring UK wild meadows. The good workingContinue Reading

High Weald Sustainable Development Fund Supports Bees!

In October 2011 with a grant from the Sustainable Development Fund, The High Weald Landscape Trust supplied 11 kg of Weald Native Origin Yellow Rattle Seed for sowing on 5.4 hectares.Continue Reading

The Vanishing Meadows Exhibition – Lives on!

A culmination of over a year in planning, the Weald Meadows Group developed and ran a successful exhibition to celebrate the biodiversity and cultural heritage of flower rich grasslands in the Weald of Sussex. The exhibition was supported and hosted by The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Wakehurst Place from May – Oct 2009.Continue Reading

Common Bird’s-foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) Species Feature

The more I see of this rather attractive little plant, the more I grow to appreciate it. It first came to my attention when I learnt it is the principal larval food-plant for the Dingy Skipper butterfly.Continue Reading

Keith Features in The Sunday Times

Our very own Trustee, Keith Datchler OBE featured in The Times on Sunday 21 Aug 2011 – the relevant quote included: ‘Evangelists for wildflower meadows, such as Keith Datchler, manager of the Beech Estate near Battle in East Sussex,Continue Reading

Local Action Drives National Reaction: Kew’s UK Seed Hub Launched

The work of the Weald Meadows Initiative Vanishing Meadows programme with key partners and supporters since 1996 has campaigned for National recognition and support for meadows and their owners in the High Weald AONB and beyond.Continue Reading